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According to the researches, 75% of the patients first search the internet for their names before meeting their doctors. In this case, it once again demonstrates the importance of the doctors’ personal website in terms of promoting themselves and in giving patients confidence.

As Pruva Yazılım Hizmetleri, we provide a great convenience and prestige for you to promote your names with the doctor websites we have prepared in line with these researches, and we offer targeted digital solutions for doctors, hospitals and clinics.

We make your website visible and prominent on Google, thus bringing you new patients. With our experience and know-how in the software industry, let’s design your doctor’s website professionally.

We increase your brand reputation and prestige while using the access comfort of the mobile world for your patients, where your patients can easily make appointments.

According to Google analysis, 80% of internet surfing is done on smart phones, so your website is designed to be 100% mobile compatible.

By enabling your patients to consult with you about their health problems, we ensure that you gain more patients with your answers to these questions.

With our special SEO techniques, we bring your website to the top in searches, leaving your colleagues behind and allowing patients to reach you first.

By adding as many photo and video galleries as you want, you can present your treatments, services, certificates and all other details to your patients.

You can enter unlimited articles and content related to your expertise on your website, and be visible in related searches while providing up-to-date information to your patients.

With your user-friendly management panel, you can easily and quickly manage all issues on your website from your administration panel.

You can send bulk sms on your website, celebrate the special days of your patients or make reminders through the management panel.

By integrating your Instagram account into your website, we ensure that all the shares you have made on social media are automatically shared on your website.

By defining the Whatsapp number you set on the website, we ensure that your patients reach you instantly, make an appointment and communicate.

We ensure that you have a different image among your colleagues by introducing your services in their own language to the people who visit your website with the language options you can specify.

With search engine optimization (SEO), you can highlight your doctor websites in your areas of expertise and in searches made in your region and city.

With Pruva Yazılım Hizmetleri SEO infrastructure, you can quickly leave your competitors behind in your areas of expertise and your location, region and cities in a very short time. It allows you to do these operations on the management panel of your website, which is specially prepared for you, without receiving any service from any seo company.

Bow doctor websites with Turkey’s best doctors website software infrastructure to quickly and using it in a practical way, while also presented to you to come to a better place in your site search engine can take advantage of all the tools of effectively.

With Pruva Yazılım Hizmetleri, you can have a website specially designed for doctors, private practices and clinics. You need a doctor website, but if you do not know where and how to start, the Pruva doctor website content management system includes all the features you need for you.

With the doctor website and infrastructure we have created as a result of long and planned studies, you can have the doctor website you want. Make your organization easier with our online appointment system, which allows our doctors to follow their patients. Publish articles about your areas of expertise, share news and blogs, get the information you want from patients visiting your site by creating contact forms, reach your global patients with multi-language option.

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To see a rose in a dream is interpreted as receiving good and good news very soon. It indicates that the person who sees the dream will have a good-natured, decent man around him. If a single girl sees a rose in her dream, it indicates that their fortune will soon emerge and that she will marry a good person. If a man sees a rose in his dream, it is pointed out that he will achieve success in his professional life and that his work will go better than he imagined. To see a rose in a dream signifies reuniting with distant close friends and receiving good news and good news. Although seeing a rose in a dream indicates goodness in general terms, it is recommended to interpret the dream depending on how it is seen.

Picking roses in a dream signifies wealth and gaining prestige. It is pointed out that the dream owner will do good and good deeds and earn plenty of halal money. It means that the more roses a person collects in his dream, the more sustenance he will have. If a single person sees that roses are collected in their dreams, it is interpreted that they will get married soon, and a married person will be happy and happy in family life.

It indicates that the person who sees a rose tree in a dream is in a bad mood and is going through an unhappy process, but that this process will end soon. It is interpreted as the end of the troubles and being happy.

It is pointed out that the person who sees smelling roses in a dream will have a happy relationship with someone he loves in the near future. It is interpreted that smelling roses in the dream and as a messenger of good and beautiful things will make the dreamer feel relieved.

Buying a rose in a dream indicates that the events that disturb the dreamer will come to an end, and that he will be filled with more peace and happiness. It is interpreted that sick people will find healing, and those who are in financial difficulties will get rid of their debts by earning halal sustenance.

To see a rose garden in your dream indicates sadness and distress. It indicates that the person who sees the dream will be depressed by going through troubled days for a while. It indicates that the bigger the rose garden seen in the dream, the greater the distress and grief. To see him enter the rose garden in a dream indicates to go to the dreamer instead of running away from the things that annoy and upset the dreamer. To see a garden full of white roses in your dream means that one has a good heart and good intentions; It is interpreted to be a person who does not deviate from the path of Allah.

To see a red rose in a dream indicates sustenance and abundance. It is interpreted that the dream owner will be drained of his debts and his works will come across. Red rose signifies joy and happiness. The red rose seen in the dream indicates a child for married people. It is interpreted as a healthy and auspicious child.

The yellow rose seen in the dream is interpreted that the person is on the right path and will be successful in what he / she does. Yellow rose in the dream sometimes indicates diseases. To see that you collect yellow roses in your dream indicates that your troubles will end, and that you will be happy.

It is interpreted that a person who sees a pink rose in a dream will be with someone again, who has not been with anyone for a long time. It is pointed out that the dreamer will start a happy relationship and this union will go to marriage.

It is interpreted that the person who saw him planting a rose in a dream worked hard for a purpose. It indicates that the person who sees a rose in a dream will not realize what he wants immediately, that he must work and struggle for a while, and then his wishes will be one by one.

Molla Cami: To see a rose in a dream indicates an honorable man or child or a missing person or woman. A person who sees that he collects roses in a dream attains goodness, love and blessings. The unopened rose is defined as the fall of a pregnant woman’s child. Some interpreters said that the rose signifies a woman and business to be separated or lost, or discontinuous relief and joy, or a pledge with no end and fidelity.

Nablusi: To see a rose in a dream signifies the arrival of an honorable man or child or a missing person or a woman. Anyone who sees in a dream picking roses attains no, goodness, love and wisdom. Anyone who sees in a dream plucking a white rose from a garden kisses a woman with taqwa. If a red rose is plucked, it kisses a playful woman. Anyone who sees him smelling a yellow rose in a dream kisses a sick woman.

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Men’s coats are among the most important clothing products of the winter season. In addition to providing protection against the harsh cold of winter, it also provides an elegant appearance. There are many types of coats. Thanks to the wide range of models, different combinations can be made easily. Spring coats can be worn in winter and can be preferred in mild weather. It will be seen that some brands are one step ahead in terms of both comfort and the dominant trend. It is seen that clothing products undergo metamorphosis in each new season and are designed in accordance with different fashion trends and trends. In order to separate the new period from the old, it is necessary to create innovative trends. This is the case in the 2020-2021 winter menswear trends. Especially when men’s coat models are examined, it can be analyzed that there is a separate line from previous periods.

Slim fit men’s jacket models are expected to come to the fore in the new period. When viewed from the outside, these coats may appear thin; however, most models have a wind and water resistant design. In this way, the cold is prevented from penetrating the body. Crew neck sweaters can be preferred in the coat. A harmonious look emerges with jeans and linen trousers. It is important that the color tones of the coat and trousers are close to each other in order to achieve the color harmony. The color of the sweater worn in dark orange or dark yellow provides a cool posture. In short berets, tones close to the color of the sweater can be chosen. The combination will be completed with a suitable winter men’s boots. Considering that the trend of the new era will be on a sportive image perception, the combination we mentioned can be made permanent with different variations and small touches.

Most people look primarily at the brand in an apparel product. This is understandable; Because the products of some brands are adopted by the relevant person, after the comfort in the products begins to be felt, a sense of trust is created about the brand. In addition to the brand, the price of the product is also a factor in the choices. Although cheap men’s coats look interesting, considerations take shape in terms of price / performance efficiency.

Mavi, one of the leading clothing companies of our country, provides innovative touches in every new season product. Blue men’s coat types have been modernized in this direction. Coats suitable for the new trend can easily be found in different models. The use of hooded raincoats in the winter period of 2020-2021 will be high. Interesting colors such as red and yellow can be preferred.

A sporty impression can be created in Buratti men’s jacket designs. Zippered stand-up collar coat models, which are fully compatible with jeans and linen trousers, stand out. Slim men’s jacket provides full protection from the cold thanks to its wind-resistant design. It also carries the potential that paves the way for a cool look. Being easy to combine creates an additional advantage.

Levi’s, Lee Cooper, Jack Jones, Dockers, U.S. It is possible to achieve similar comfort in brands such as Polo. The qualities of quality men’s jacket models continue to shape the details of the new season.

After following the new winter season trends and determining the details of your brand preference, it will now be time to create an original style. It is not necessary to copy and apply the same trends of the new era. Trends are like the introductory sentence of the fashion understanding in the new season. It allows the thoughts in your mind to take shape. The remaining sentences will emerge with your thoughts. When choosing a men’s coat, it is healthier to see the coat as an integral part of other product groups, rather than perceiving it as a single piece. After all, coats define an outerwear product line. You can reveal your own style with products such as shirts or sweaters to be worn inside boots, pants and coats.

Markastok, with over 35 years of retail history and 22 branches located in various provinces of Turkey was founded by Cetin Family Shop.

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There is a close relationship between genital HPV infection and cancer formation. HPV, which can cause penile cancer in men, can also cause cancer in the rectum area, which is the last part of the anus and large intestine, when it is located around the anus and anus region. It is known that HPV can cause oral cancers, laryngeal cancer and in some cases even esophagus cancer through oral sex. ( In short, HPV can be found in all areas with skin, but it is a serious risk factor for cancer formation, especially on mucosal surfaces with the damage it causes.

HPV infection is most commonly transmitted during sexual intercourse. The most important risk factors for HPV infection are age and number of partners. The disease is most common during the active sexual period. After the virus enters the body, the time it takes for the warts to become visible (incubation period) can be between 2 weeks and 10 months. Since these lesions, which are often small in size, are not easily noticed, the exact transmission range cannot be predicted. Treatment in married or sexually active couples is more difficult due to the high frequency of re-transmission. The most important difference that distinguishes this disease from other sexually transmitted diseases is that it does not cause a complaint that affects the daily life of the patient. alposkan Most people know that they carry these warts but are not aware of the seriousness of the condition. Therefore, he does not apply to any health institution for treatment.

Treatment is recommended for all patients. Warts can spread or enlarge if left untreated. The larger the warts, the more difficult the treatment and the longer the treatment time. Therefore, delaying / postponing the treatment is not recommended.

The treatment method of genital warts (condyloma) caused by HPV lesion in men may vary according to the location, number, size, adaptation of the patient, age and pain threshold. Antibiotics have no effect in the treatment of viral diseases. The aim of the treatment of this disease is to completely remove the visible lesions and reduce their contagiousness.

In the treatment, surgical removal, cauterization or carbon dioxide laser application, freezing with cryotherapy (-196 degrees) or cream-form drugs can be used in some patients. These treatment methods can be combined. Among these treatment methods, cryotherapy is the most practical method because it does not require additional anesthesia, obtains immediate results and is easy to apply. The effect of creams and solutions is not immediately apparent, they are applied by the patient on a daily or weekly basis. When some creams and solutions extend beyond the lesion, damage occurs in the normal tissue.

The treatment method of genital warts (condyloma) caused by HPV lesion in men may vary according to the location, number, size, adaptation of the patient, age and pain threshold. Antibiotics have no effect in the treatment of viral diseases. The aim of the treatment of this disease is to completely eliminate visible and invisible lesions and to reduce the risk of recurrence and contagiousness. Destruction is possible by surgical removal, burning with cautery or carbon dioxide laser, freezing with cryotherapy, or burning with drugs in the form of cream or liquid in some patients. These treatment models can also be combined. Among these treatment methods, cauterization and cryotherapy and carbon dioxide treatment are the most practical treatment methods. The effect of creams and solutions is not seen immediately, it is applied by the patient several times a week. When it extends beyond the lesion, damage occurs in the normal tissue. Invisible lesions cannot be destroyed. The stain stays on the skin longer. In our center, acetic acid and cryotherapy (freezing) and carbon dioxide (CO2) laser procedures are applied with methods that do not prevent any pain, pain and the daily activities of the patients, and parts can be taken for histopathological examination when necessary.

The photo shown below shows the healing status of the wounds on the 7th day after laser treatment. The yellow arrows are numbered on the 2 photos for a clear view of the location and results of the warts.

The answer to this question is not yet clear. In HPV-specific tests (polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and Hybrid Capture 2), 90% of the patients with the disease were found to be negative within 8-12 months, and 10% within 2 years. This may be due to the effective immune response against HPV. However, it is not clear whether the virus has been completely cleared from the body or if it has been suppressed to very low numbers that cannot be detected even in these sensitive tests. Since most people with an effective immune response against HPV do not develop lesions, it is not important to completely eradicate or suppress HPV. Warts and other HPV lesions may recur in some people when there is severe weakening of the immune system for the rest of life. Therefore, the presence of new lesions is important for us, not whether the HPV virus is in the body for life.

The partners of people diagnosed with condyloma should also be examined and treated if necessary. Because an untreated partner e

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Of these the least that can be said is that they are sincere. If later they leave you lying for going out with their friends, you will not be able to say that they deceived you with their profile photos. In many cases, they are so inseparable from their friends that they upload all the photos with them, so the most difficult thing to find out will be which of the revelers that appears in the photo is the candidate to be your future hunk. Extra advantage of this profile: if the date goes wrong and you don’t have chemistry, you can still surely go out to party afterwards.

A question that has arisen reading your post, could not someone denounce you for using their image in a public place? in the end you are posting something without their consent…. : S

Well, not really, because when you accept the terms of use of badoo, tinder, facebook, twitter … you accept that the photos that you put as profile photos become public and you lose the rights over them

Even if you delete your badoo profile? They become public forever and can anyone continue to use your photos?

Great post Sandra, I loved it, in fact I feel so identified that I have come to believe that I have already seen some of these profiles, specifically one of those that comes out kissing the dog and the one in the London cabin hahahaha, I have left with about the mountain goats.

By the way, I don’t know if you’ve already told about it somewhere (I only follow you on the blog) but it seemed to me to see you in the summary of the next first date programs? I hope not to make a spoiler but since I have seen it on TV I imagine it is not a secret …

Well, reviewing my photos I do not fall into any category … I think that’s why they do not pay me a damn case!

By the way, I discovered your blog yesterday and I had a laugh, it’s cool to see such a nice countrywoman …

Because my friends are trying to screw me up, but I don’t see myself doing the cinnamon (and from how I see that it went to you, I’m not wrong)

The First Dates thing is done on purpose so that you won’t get along with that guy !!! we go alone to post they can put you to an uncle with whom you have nothing in common … .. what a disappointment and we who had hopes that love would come from there …. to keep looking !!!

Greetings Sandra, today checking my facebook, I found a piece of news about you, with the following heading: “A” romantic “bewilders a girl live with the strangest sexual question in history”, when I see your face I said: it’s Sandra ! and that is your date first dates. What a cake they gave you.

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Whatever your company does, it has a place in “Thirty and … Diary of a thirty-year-old.”

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I like those men who value women and do not use the word fuck, they put ads about looking for a girl to make love that is what I do with or without love with a feeling with my heart in my hand I give myself completely I am not looking for a roll I’m looking for a boyfriend for a serious relationship, plans to live together

I saw an ad that said I am looking for a mature woman and I answered because I am a beautiful and independent mature woman, I don’t have to tell anyone and I do what I want when I want to. I am looking for friendship because I love meeting people and having new friends constantly … renew myself or die never better said, ha ha …

I would like to meet a man to have a stable formal relationship and want to fall madly in love. I would love to meet you and think that we can make our love story unique and special. If you want us to meet, write to me and we will meet to talk.

I am a girl who has always been with women and now I would like to feel something different with a man I have never been before if it is true that I see many ads of men who are looking for lesbians to do a threesome, we can try it first, you and I if I like the experience and You have the fantasy with two girls, we talked about it with a friend.

normal, honest and humble woman from Merida, I look for contacts with boys, for a good friendship, talk, make plans and have fun. Those boys who like me, like to travel, nature and share experiences. I love the beach, the cinema, the mountains and share my hobbies with a boy like you, thus forgetting for a while the routine of life.

A mature woman like me is capable of cumming with massages with a happy ending not once but several times that make me squirm with pleasure that your fingers that you feel my cum in your hands or wherever you like I will let me do everything I have an oil of edible chocolate if you dare I have room

I would love to find that man who with her hands was able to travel my body and fall in love with each caress that she leaves written in each pore of my skin. I like passionate sensitive men delivered sensual and who know how to caress the burning body of a woman with a massage.

My two great passions are photography and traveling, I am looking for a model that appears in all my photos and who also accompanies me on all my trips, you think that here I can find what I am looking for, neither of the two things I can do by myself, so I need it already because I have missed it so much!

It’s my first time on a website to look for love, I’m a novice and I’m so shy that I think this is the best method. I am only looking to meet a sincere and pleasant man who does not like one night stands and who wants to fall in love and be loved by me. I wait for your answer and that you tell me if you want us to meet.

I started looking for friends to chat with when I separated and that was when I also started living life, my life because until then well, I couldn’t do it or I didn’t have the courage to do it. I’m looking for friendship because I want to continue meeting new and different people for everyone. the places of the world, ha ha

The women with big tails are one of the most desired in the world, we are famous, those from Cali, Colombia, very horny, sensual, beautiful women, if you want to check it for yourself, here I am wanting to baualr that the chachata and salsa is very biw I don’t want weird rolls alone have a good time with the larinas ma wapas

nice, fun and good-natured woman, I look for contacts with a boy, for a good friendship, fun and to get to know each other intimately, who likes to talk and listen, from time to time to be able to go out for a drink together. I like reading, music and walking through the countryside. I feel alone and that is why I would like to meet a boy like you, to talk and tell us our things.

Although I am not very old, I think I am old enough to have a stable relationship, put the love games aside, some were beautiful and could have gone far but it would not be the right time, I do not believe in eternal love but yes in the long term, in which if you have to face problems do it together, and move on.

Liruch has become the best FREE serious dating site. Meet thousands of people in your city through chat, phone or private message.

Liruch has implemented the Liruch Salute, a new way to show our real ad to others.

User profiles inserting thousands of sponsored ads every day, this plurality of advertisers is a success as it is now easier to find what you are looking for.

If you are a Liruch user girl and want to show yourself to others simply because you like it, request now to connect your webcam to your profile

boys dating: The Finest Self-help guide to Courting Finnish People

Whores in sedavi villanueva de la reina del dating models of headscarves sant just desvern how to meet new people. Crowne plaza party new year castellar I am looking for single women whore broken ass the source of san esteban single woman.

We are all stars tabletom guadiana del caudillo speed dating looking for a partner in sant joan de vilatorrada dating app. Toto toto toto villa del río app to meet people photos of naked anime girls la gangosa vistasol I’m looking for a single woman.

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boys dating: The particular Greatest Self-help guide to Adult dating Finnish Folks

One of quite curious. It will give you clues as to whether he values ​​physicality more than material possessions. But it is a trick question because wealth and beauty are both superficial values ​​and there is no better than the other.

All the women to whom I have asked this question have answered that they prefer beauty, while among men it is 50%. What would you choose?

A classic question but tremendously useful to understand what level of emotions you want in your life. It will help you understand if behind her serious and formal appearance hides a rebellious spirit, or if on the contrary she prefers stability and few surprises. You can probably also get a good idea of ​​what kind of childhood he had.

People often have favorite colors, movies, books, actors, songs, foods, and places, but we’ve never stopped to think about our favorite word. It is paradoxical, because what we use the most in our life are words.

This way, you may not get much information about the other person, but you will make them think for a long time and their answer will give you clues about their lexical and cultural level.

Most people will answer that they would stop working and start traveling, but it can also be a very interesting approach to deduce how much they value their family or loved ones (if they answer that they would try to spend as much time as possible with them) . You will also understand what gives her the most pleasure in her free time, be it eating, sleeping or having sex.

In a sociological study on speed datings conducted by Professor Richard Wiseman, curiously this question was the best valued among all those that were asked. The reason? Speed ​​dating can be quite boring, especially when you are tired of asking what you do, where you live, etc. In those situations the original questions make a difference and get people to relax to continue deepening.

It will probably not help you to get to know the other person, but it will surely make him laugh and take the tension out of the situation, making him feel more predisposed to answer more committed questions.

This approach will help you mainly to deduce if he has historical and cultural concerns (if he tells you that he would travel to ancient Greece, for example), or if he prefers the novelty and excitement of a trip into an unknown future.

boys dating: The actual Ideal Owner’s manual for Relationship Finnish People

I call it “the movie of your life”, and it is about the person imagining that his life is a movie. So she must choose a title for her life, she will have to decide the gender; if it is for example a comedy or a tragedy. At this point I will entrust you with details that may be very intimate and of great emotional value, which will create a special connection between you. You will also have to choose an actress to play your own character. This will give you information about how she considers herself physically or how she would like to be in case the chosen actress does not look much like her. I invented this routine with ideas from a script workshop when I was studying filmmaking, but it is not necessary to be an expert filmmaker to do it because we accept that we all enjoy movies and in many cases we identify with various protagonists to the point of thinking, feeling and loving be like them. Put it into practice and may you be successful in your interpersonal relationships.

Hello, I love your blog. I have tried your techniques and when I asked my best friend the first question, she answered that her ideal superpower would be to read in the dark, what does that mean?

Hi Pau, I want to tell you that your blog is very useful for someone sociable introvert like me.

1. What would be your ideal plan with unlimited costs paid? With the only condition that you cannot improvise, everything has to be organized. (So ​​you can see if the other person is organized or prefers to imporvise and what kinds of things they like to do). You can add at the end something like and in low cost version? with the possibility of making the real plan 😉

2.In the question, how would you describe yourself with three adjectives? I think it is interesting to ask if in a long period of time 5 or 10 years you think it will be described the same.

3. In the question of the slogan, it is interesting to label a little more and ask things like: what would your slogan be as a candidate for friend, girlfriend, lover, partner …? Thus guiding the conversation.

Thanks Pau, I like your new youtube project and you should upload more content hahaha how easy it is to ask …

The truth is, I like all the questions, I think they make sense and a bit of logic to know more about that person that you love so much … * u *

I asked the question if you had to choose between attractive but poor or ugly but rich… the answer I received was… I don’t care… the truth is, I didn’t expect it… that is to say, it means… it really seems unfair because he asks me similar questions and I don’t know how he does it but he gets the answer … and he told me and you? I told him I also don’t care … but here between us … I was thinking about it, I think attractive but poor, although it is said that superficiality is shown, I also believe that the poor thing brings more happiness … because it helps you to strive to get what you want …

Ivonne, I give you some advice, do not walk at night because it is dangerous, girl, we are all afraid, friend ivonne

By God what a great post.

boys dating: This Most effective Owner’s manual for Courting Finnish People

In these digital times that we have had to live, there is an undeniable reality and it is the entry into our lives of social networks. Our 3D identity is closely associated with our profiles. That’s where a key aspect comes into play, and to be fair, not always well cared for. Profile picture. Because there are different networks, for very different uses, and each profile photo should be adapted to the purposes of each of them.

When it comes to Online Dating, the photo is the life of the party! Let’s not fool ourselves. Nor is it about lying through the photo (or any other means, go). But after a detailed analysis of photos of the boys, carried out by a feminine and interested eye, here are some “anti-tips” that could save you unnecessary defeat.

– Go shirtless in your profile picture. Another thing is that they take the best photo of the summer on the best beach on the planet and you were coming out of the water, coincidentally. Then it is accepted. But I go quietly around my house and oh! I stop right here to take a photo, or while I go up / down in the elevator I look at myself in the mirror and click! Big mistake, friend. If you have a chocolate bar, wouldn’t it be better to unveil it on some special occasion? Leave something to the imagination, women have been doing it for years. And works.

– Sunglasses: who does not have a good photo in which he comes out with sunglasses. Maybe it’s only good because you go out wearing sunglasses. It coincides that if we wear them, we will probably not be at work in front of the computer, but we will be outdoors, enjoying the Astro Rey or some great plan. All that favors. Yes resounding to the good roll. But the eyes are the mirror of the soul. So cheesy and so true. People do change when they wear glasses. You can upload a photo in which you go out with glasses. But if it’s your main photo, show the iris. We accept glasses, but as what they are, a complement.

– Dating a girl! Incredible but true. Obvious, right? Here also applies the entire girl or the traces of a girl: a clearly feminine arm glued to yours or your hand, the almost visible mane on your shoulder … Women, with that innate hound smell of looking for problems, will always think: “Some day I could it was my shoulder that would have been cut off ”.